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Nina Christesen is an accomplished speaker with over 20 years’ experience presenting at Conferences, conducting Workshops and lecturing in Business Schools.

She knows the challenges of reinvention for professionals, both professionally and personally.

After a successful corporate career, she reinvented herself as a quantitative fund manager in the financial markets, and then as a social issues documentary filmmaker. (You can see some of her film work here.)

As an expert in Leadership, change management and peak performance, she knows how to deconstruct the change process.

She know what works, and what doesn’t.

Nina offers practical advice, especially for accomplished professionals who are considering a change but are not sure what they want to do, what they can do or how to get started.

The speaker topics are designed for keynote speeches, 1-2 hour presentations, and half day workshops.

You can contact Nina directly for more information.

You can read more about Nina on the About Page.


Do I have what it takes?

Understanding the reinvention mindset

There is a right frame of mind for reinvention.

It’s based on certain beliefs about the past, the present and the future that:

  • Leverage your knowledge, skills and life experience.
  • Release your creativity.
  • Tap into your personal wisdom.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Turn ideas into action to find new opportunities.

Nina outlines the foundations of the reinvention mindset, the common traps and practical ways to deal with them.

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Time for Change?

Understanding life transitions

There comes a time when you question your future.

It can be triggered by changes in external events or shifts in personal needs.

Whatever the trigger, it’s important to know the difference between normal periods of dissatisfaction and significant pivot points for change.

Nina outlines how six interventions can refresh, refocus and realign goals when you are asking, “Is it time for a change?”

  • The Observation
  • The Sabbatical
  • The Downsize
  • The Transition
  • The Exploration
  • The Rejuvenation
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What’s Next?

Navigating the Reinvention Journey

Reinvention involves overcoming doubt and confusion, finding the right focus, managing change, dealing with uncertainty and staying on course.

These challenges vary along the journey of your reinvention.

Nina outlines the challenges and opportunities in the 6 Phases of reinvention:

  • Rabbit Hole – letting go the old ways
  • Eureka – finding the next direction
  • Grunt – making it happen
  • Mastery – building capability
  • Legacy – handing over
  • Decline – closing the door
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Rabbit Holes and Serendipity

A personal perspective

An engaging, inspirational and humorous account of the personal stories of people facing the risks, realities and rewards of reinvention.

It includes a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Nina’s own reinvention journey from corporate consultant to an art student, quantitative fund manager, documentary filmmaker and writer.

Nina addresses some of the key milestones and challenges:

  • recognising triggers to change
  • diving down dead ends
  • finding a focus
  • re-skilling fast
  • adapting to new ways of working
  • managing risk and staying resilient